Here are some of the ways in which Commercial Archive is Beneficial…

Developer :

Every developer’s goal is to get the best facility for their investment. Owners can stay connected to construction without needing to visit the site. Above all, owners have an easily accessible record of their building which can…

  • confirm the facilities value
  • reduce cost in maintenance
  • provide communication with contractors
  • ensure accurate information for accurate results

Architect :

Control over the construction process is ideal for maintaining professional relations with the client. Commercial Archive is the complete construction process integrating design and construction Documentation. Presumably, a decrease in project costs can increase profitability. In other words, Commercial Archive is a viable architectural service and the best solution to offer clients.

General Contractor / Construction Manager :

Strong documentation is the best defense against construction defects claims and expenses. Commercial General Liability (CGL) policies may not be enough protection. In addition, BuildingFacts can meet photographic documentation specification requirements with ease. Services provided relating to photographic documentation include but are not limited to …

  • Traditional Prints
  • Standard Photography / Video Recording
  • Aerial Photography / Video Recording
  • Point-of-View Panorama Pictures (360 Degree Experience)
  • Capturing “as-built”
  • Low Cost BIM archive
  • Progression Photography – Monthly (Ongoing during construction)
  • Progression Photography – Stages (Key Points during construction)

Insurance Carriers / Lenders :

Take the guess work out of a buildings estimated value! Accessing accurate information for claim evaluation has never been easier. Meanwhile, prevention is a better strategy than mitigation or litigation.