We’re creating a New Standard in the Construction Industry

Commercial Archive takes Photographic Documentation to the next level. Don’t pay for hard copy prints. Save Time & Money by upgrading to our digital platform. Key Features include…


We capture the construction site through our Point-of-View Method. Get a better view of the surrounding area with an additional Panorama picture. Whether using the Standard or Point-of-View method, know more about your site for assurance. (Point-of-View Sample)


Incorporate pictures and video footage to capture specific details. Gain a better perspective of the entire construction site with drone capabilities (project pending).


Refer to Specification Requirements, Site Plans, and other pertinent information all at once. Know exactly where each picture is taken during the construction period.


Stay connected to your project through Computer, Tablet, or Mobile Device. Access through online connection from anywhere at anytime. Our secure network includes password protection and custom URL Link for private access.


Upon completion, receive a full digital archive of the construction project. Access Site Plans, Operations & Maintenance Information, & Media Files all in one location.

Additional Features

Finding Documents with Ease

Get More out of your Pictures

The New Building Management Tool