DIGITAL BOOK – a complete digital version of traditional specification requirements. Contains all pictures, video, and media in one location. Control printing costs and eliminate hard copies. the fastest and easiest way to share files for submittals.

BUILDINGFACTS ARCHIVE – an application that stores all Project Details, Contractor Information, and O&M Documents. Locate pictures directly on the site through our Interactive Map feature. House a complete project digitally without needing physical storage space.

BUILDINGFACTS VR – a 360 degree Virtual Reality archive with interactive features to manage a building. Go beyond drywall and insulation to view the MEP layout. Quickly access item documents and warranty information with a click of a button.


RESIDENTIAL VR – a 360 degree Virtual Reality archive with interactive features to manage a home. Know a home inside and out. House a complete visual record to maintain a home’s value and future-proof against damages or natural disasters/


PHOTOGRAPHY [HDR] – capture the Highest Quality [HDR] Images for marketing/advertising. Showcase aesthetics with crystal clear focus and heightened color processing for extra appeal.

AERIAL PHOTO/VIDEO – get a birds-eye view of an entire property. Capture a home, building, or an an entire neighborhood.

CUSTOM VIRTUAL TOURS – bring the property directly to the customer. This full 360 degree viewing experience captures the exact feel of being there. With a custom color scheme and logo template, keep consistent branding directly within the tour.

PROMOTIONAL VIDEO – combine traditional and aerial video to showcase a property, neighborhood, or development. With custom animated graphics, keep consistent with branding and marketing materials.