State Island Comfort Stations

– Levy Park, Staten Island

Jewett & Castleton Avenues

– Austin J. McDonald Park, Staten Island

Forest Avenue, Myrtle Avenue between Broadway & Burgher

– DeMatti Park, Staten Island

Tompkins Avenue, Chestnut Avenue

Comfort Stations Project

This project will reconstruct three comfort stations at various locations in Staten Island.

Project Update: A date has been set for construction to begin.

Project Timeline

Start Date: February 2015

Projected Completion Date: February 2016

Completion Date: July 2016


Start Date: July 2016

Projected Completion Date: April 2017

Completion Date: June 2017


Start Date: July 2017

Projected Completion Date: October 2018


Total Funding: $6,930,000

Funding Source: Mayoral

Fulton Park Comfort Station

Project consists of a Full Reconstruction of the comfort station at Fulton Park. The station is located on Stuyvesant Ave, between Chauncey St. and Fulton St. in Brooklyn, NY. Total funding equates to $1,342,000 provided by the Mayoral and City Council.



Start Date: June 2015

Projected Completion Date: September 2016

Completion Date: January 2017


Start Date: January 2017

Projected Completion Date: October 2017

Completion Date: July 2017


Start Date: November 2017

Projected Completion Date: May 2019


Total Funding: $1,342,000

Funding Sources:

– Mayoral

– City Council