“Know your home better”

Residential Archive is changing how people manage their homes. Through working with home developers, we create a complete archive of the home from the ground up… literally.

We’ve always wondered… Why do people know less about our homes compared to phones & computers? A home is the biggest investment a person will make in a lifetime. Our goal is to help you organize and maintain your most precious asset.


Make your Virtual Archive your own. Incorporate your company logo and color theme to keep consistent with your brand.

Featured Skin & Color Theme – Essex Homes of Western New York


Organize all Operations & Maintenance information within the Virtual Archive. Access item information such as Home Appliances, Paints, Flooring, Lights etc…


Know exactly where Mechanical, Electrical, & Plumbing lines are located and which contractors installed them. Toggle between Rough & Finished views to make fast and accurate decisions when trouble shooting. When problems arise with your home, no matter how big or small, rest assured that buildingFacts is there.


There’s a new way to interact with your home. Access detailed information about your home. From Operations & Maintenance information to a complete walkthrough, the only way to know your home better.